Monday, 24 August 2009

34: On becoming editor and not talking about the weather

Issue 34, summer 2003

I won’t start off by saying how nice the weather is or how Cornwall is a myriad of lush greens teeming with wildlife – I’ve been spending most days of late tapping away at a keyboard trying to get the latest Cornish World out onto the shelves.

I’m new here you see, at the magazine that is and not Cornwall, and since taking over from Scott some six weeks ago, I’ve had a lot to catch up on.

I was born in Penzance, and my father – a Pengelly – is from St Buryan. Mother is a Curnow from Zennor and they were farmers. I was a farmer as well until ten years ago when I decided that the economic forces were not on our side, so I left and became a newspaper reporter. So that’s me.

Oh, and I just got married and my wife Serena is expecting our first baby.

Enough of me and more of the magazine. I intend to make Cornish World more Cornish with a louder voice – the kind of holler that the Cornish know so well. I don’t want to change things too much as I must add that Cornish World is your magazine more than it is mine and so all ideas, criticisms and contributions are greatly appreciated.

I’d like to focus more on what is happening in Cornwall as well as with the Cornish around the globe which is why I’ll be attending the 12th Gathering of Cornish Cousins in Toronto in July (my thanks to Cornwall Council for helping me with the trip) to report on our North American cousins.

I hope you like this issue, I hope you understand some of the changes I have made. I am to help preserve the heritage and secure the future of Cornwall with these very pages, as well as provide an enjoyable magazine.

Thank you for your time. Nigel Pengelly, Editor,
Pictured: lifeguard at Sennen flying the flag for Cornwall.


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