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43: Getting a clip round the ear for spying on God

Issue 43, autumn 2005

Someone called me at the Cornish World office the other day to complain.

We get a few phone calls like that here, not many, but a few.

Most are from very observational people who pick out the smallest irregularities.

Like when Cornish World had a picture of a wave breaking over a pier with a caption saying Storms at Looe when it was really Padstow. A lot of people picked up on that. Still, I don’t mind. It keeps us on our toes and at least you know people are paying attention to what you’re writing.

Anyway, this person had called in to say that she thought Cornish World was getting too Cornish and that she might not take it anymore.

I found this surprising as generally I keep being told that Cornish World is not Cornish enough.

Right, I thought, maybe the time has come to bring out a really Cornish, Cornish World.

The Cornish have always been outspoken with a habit of saying what others are thinking and so maybe Cornish World should reflect that, and other, feelings.

I can remember being at Breage Methodist Sunday School and standing up and, being a bit outspoken as a seven-year-old myself, saying: “Mrs Reed, I don’t believe in God no more.”

“Why’s that?” she said.

“Well,” I said. “I accidentally opened my eyes when I was praying and I couldn’t see him watching me. You said God always watches you when you pray.”

I still didn’t understand when Mrs Reed said God watched from a distance. I was accused of being cheeky and got a clip round the ear when I said maybe we should do more to make him feel welcome so he might be tempted to come in a bit closer. I never did see God but I’m sure he is there and watching.

You see, I view Cornish World as being a newsletter rather than a magazine. It is an organ through which Cornish people all over the world can communicate.

The magazine is written almost entirely by people with a love of Cornwall and I am sure there are many of you out there who can write.

So please contribute to Cornish World, tell me what you do or don’t like and feel free to contact me. Tell me what you would like to see in Cornish World, or even submit items that you would like to see in Cornish World.

I don’t publish family histories as if I print one, then every family will want theirs in print; and there are a lot of Cornish families.

Also poetry. Never been big on poetry and there are other specialist publications for Cornish poetry.

In this Cornish World there is a new section called Cornwall24. This new section aims to tell the readers of Cornish World about other events that are taking place in The Duchy. I thought that I could broaden the scope of Cornish World without losing any of its flavour. What once was a magazine of 60 pages less than two years ago is now up to 120 pages and going strong.

So please lend me you comments and contributions and I look forward to hearing from you all.

Nigel Pengelly,
Pictured: St Michael's Mount rises eerily out of a huge bank of sea fog that engulfed the bay. Picture by Cornwall and Isles of Scilly Press.


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